Match Report
Milton Abbey School Boys-U14A vs  Wellington School
On: Saturday, 25 Nov 2017
Venue: at Home

A difficult fixture against a well drilled side, where a few missing players highlighted the 'developmental' nature of our squad alongside some more established teams.

With a bare 15, Milton Abbey help their own against a barrage of attacks, however the side still has the tendency to follow the ball (despite all of the encouragement from James and Casper) and against good sides that just leaves too much space to be exploited, and exploited it was.

Many of our players are not keen on tackling at the best of times, and unfortunately for many, this game was not the best of times!

Notwithstanding this, Isaac remarkably scored 4 tries in the match, all from long distance - really highlighting his attacking potency and potential for the future.

With one match to go we are still balanced in the points for / against columns, so we will give it all this week in training for the final fixture this weekend.