Match Report
Milton Abbey School Girls-U18B vs  Warminster School
On: Thursday, 16 May 2019
Venue: Away

Our 1st and 2nd teams took on Warminster last Thursday, winning more games than ever and overall demonstrating impressive attitude.

Without question our top pair - Carla and Tallulah played some of the best tennis I have seen from a Milton Abbey side.

Warminster had one particular Russian player who dominated the court. Carla and Tallulah however also went into the game coming from a winning streak of 6 matches.

It was an epic battle drawing praise from Warminster coaches and players. The serves and returns were incredible. At 5-5 we missed 2 points and Warminster the game.

Tallulah and Carla were absolutely outstanding and I am looking forward to facing Canford at home this week.